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Dragoon Army – Red (Default)

I was commissioned by MSI through Guru3D to provide a Dragoon Army skin for MSI Afterburner.  I ended up providing 7 color variations of...

WoW Succubus

World of Warcraft Succubus Skin.  My favorite.

Toxic War

Toxic War Skin using EVGA Official wallpaper.

GTX 200 Dark

Dark version of the GTX 200 Skin.

GTX 200

Official EVGA GTX 280/260 skin.

GTX 295

Official skin for the GTX 285/295 graphics cards.

Iron Man v3

Version 3 of a skin featuring Iron Man.

Crysis v2

Version 2 of a Crysis theme.

790 FTW

Official skin for the EVGA 790i FTW Edition motherboard.


Demigod Skin.

Fallout 3 v2

Version 2 of the Fallout 3 skin.

Call of Duty 4

Call of Duty 4 Skin.

Age of Conan

Age of Conan skin.

Battlefield 2142

Battlefield 2142 Skin.


A Nvidia themed skin.


NVISION 2008 Skin.

Second Skin

A more adult skin.


A dark gray and orange skin.


A simple blue theme.  Shipped with many early versions of EVGA Precision.

FTW Edition v2

Version 2 of the FTW Edition blue theme.

FTW Edition 2 v2

Version 2 of a second FTW Edition skin.

Red Faction v2

A red themed skin.

Agent Orange 2 v2

Version 2 of a second orange themed skin.

Agent Orange v2

Version 2 of a orange themed skin.

Soylent Green v2

Version 2 of a green themed skin.


Submitted into the EVGA FTW Wallpaper contest.

Unholy Death Knight – Training Dummy (Necrotic Strike) – 4.0.6a

Testing burst for death knight in 4.0.6a on a target dummy using Necrotic Strike instead of Scourge Strike. Keep in mind resilience impacts necrotic...

Unholy Death Knight – Training Dummy – 4.0.6a

Testing burst for death knight in 4.0.6a on a target dummy.

Rotation is Outbreak, Festering Strike x2, Scourge Strike x2, Empower Rune Weapon, Blood...

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MSI Afterburner Skins – Dragoon Army

I’ve added some new skins I made for MSI Afterburner.  These are official skins that were commissioned in April 2013 by MSI through Guru3D.

Photos Added

Added EVGA Precision Skins and Wallpapers to the Portfolio section that I’ve done over the years.  I was contracted by EVGA in 2008 to make a...