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Unholy Death Knight – Training Dummy (Necrotic Strike) – 4.0.6a

Posted on February 18th, by Derek Wood in Videos. No Comments

Testing burst for death knight in 4.0.6a on a target dummy using Necrotic Strike instead of Scourge Strike. Keep in mind resilience impacts necrotic strike debuff. 250k * .6 would be 150k with 40% reduction.

Rotation is Outbreak, Festering Strike x2, Necrotic Strike x2, [Macro] Empower Rune Weapon, Blood Fury (or racial buff – gargoyle scales with attack power), PvP On Use Strength Trinket, Unholy Frenzy, Summon Gargoyle [End Macro], Necrotic Strike x6, Death Coil Dump, then festering strike with blood/frost runes and necrotic strike with unholy runes until Dark Transformation.

4489 Strength, 6.86% Haste, 8.61 Mastery (Reforged Haste, Stacked Strength) Unbuffed

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