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Disclaimer: Code is from class assignments.  All source code is of my own and may be used freely at your own use.  I hold no responsibility for the files on this site. Download at your own risk.


integer comparison (4/4/2004)
Takes two integers and determines whether it is greater than, less than, or equal to.



Banking (2003)
Simple console-based banking application.


Loan (2003)
Simple console-based loan payment calculator.


Moo! (2003)
Console-based game Moo! (Similar to Mastermind)


Stereo Loan (03/04/2004)
Takes a total debt, a monthly payment, and an interest rate and calculates the amount of months
to pay off the debt and the total interest paid on debt.


Stereo Loan (Updated) (03/18/2004)
Takes a total debt, a monthly payment, and an interest rate and calculates the amount of months
to pay off the debt and the total interest paid on debt. (Updated to use Functions.


Triangle (03/17/04)
Creates an equilalateral triangle based on the EndUser’s input for the base.


arrayutil (10/29/2002)
Sorts user’s input into numerical order and displays results.


arrayutil2 (03/12/2002)
Sorts user’s input into numerical order and displays results.


artomatic (04/9/2003)
Randomly draw shapes.


complex (03/18/2003)


Castle of Dahgon (12/15/2002)
Destroy the evil monster.


date20 (04/30/03)
Analyzes the date values and checks for accuracy. Can also increment the next day value.


date (10/20/2002)
Displays the proper date.


decimal palindrome (02/25/2003)
Reads input from End User and determines whether or not it is a Decimal Palindrome.


FileRead (05/07/2003)
The user enters a file name in the text field and presses the enter key. The program loads the file and is displays it in the text area.


gradebook (11/13/2002)
Determines overall percentage in class from four categories.


gradesum (10/02/2002)
Calculates total/average/range/percentage of user’s input exam grades.


interestcalculator (3/05/2003)
Gets value from initial, rate, and term in years.


linkedlist (05/14/2003)
Tests the usage of Linked Lists.


mygradebook (04/09/2003)
Calculate and report on my grade


final project: java-based Web Browser (05/28/2003) – presentation
Browses the internet. A basic webbrowser.


TempConvert (09/17/2002)
Converts from Fahrenheit to Celcius

Visual Basic 2005

CarpetCalc (1/21/2007)
Calculates area of a carpet [(CarpetArea = CSng(txtLength.Text) * CSng(txtWidth.Text)].


WageCalculator (1/30/2007)
Calculates gross pay [sngGrossPay = CSng(txtHoursWorked.Text) * CSng(txtPayRate.Text)].


Math Tutor Application (2/7/2007)
Shows value when clicking button using labels.


Name and Address (2/7/2007)
Shows value when clicking button using labels.


Centigrade to Fahrenheit (2/14/2007)
Assignment required converting celsius to fahrenheit. Program converts between Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin to another.
(C * 1.8) + 32


Theater Revenue (2/14/2007 )
Calculates four values, combines the sums and displays various results.


Bank Charges (2/14/2007)
Calculates fees based on number of checks using ranges (case statements).


Health Club Membership Fee Calculator (2/14/2007)
Calculates membership fees based on selected type, options and length of term.


Fat Gram Calculator (2/21/2007)
Calculates percentage of fat that comes from calories.
PercFat = CalFat / Cal


Distance Calculator (2/26/2007)
Calculates distance traveled per hour based on inputs and outputs to a textbox.


Sum of Numbers (3/9/2007)
Calculates sum of numbers based on input value:
Do While intCount < intInput
intCount += 1
tmpInput += intCount


Workshop Selector (3/10/2007)
Calculates total cost based on lists of selected costs.


Order Status (3/16/2007)
Calculates delivery information based on number of orders from supply.


Conference Registration System (4/6/2007)
Calculates costs based on selected values.


LS Array Values (4/13/2007)
Uses an array to store input or randomized values then outputs smallest and largest numbers.


Employee Data (4/20/2007)
Program allows user to input data into text fields and outputs to a file.


Student Test Scores (5/28/2007)
Program loads file if found then calculates student average based on input scores.

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