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FyreChat is a Binary Chat application developed from FyReBoT source. The application provides an easy to use interface to connect to battle.net emulating a Blizzard client.



Version History:

  • 2.1 build 9 (23 August 2012)
    • Added BNCS (C/S 0x55, 0x56) and BNLS (C/S 0x05, 0x06) packet handling for password changes.
    • Added command /changepassword to change passwords on NLSv2 (WAR3/W3XP)
    • Temporarily added boolean to check if web channel list had been changed. Removed.
    • Added check for if BNCS 0x0B channel list is empty, if so: resends 0x0B.
    • Fixed failed BNLS 0x11 on asia.battle.net servers. Needed to be “00” for IPs with “0”
    • Updated Create StarCraft Games to closer match client and added WarCraft II creation as well.
    • Fixed browsing for maps in StarCraft/Warcraft game creation window.
    • Fixed bug with minimizing to system tray.
    • Released to public (08-24-12)
  • 2.1 build 8 (21 August 2012)
    • Added command /botnews. Retrieves news from FyreChat website.
    • Fixed bug with client not reconnecting after creating a new account.
    • Added account creation under WAR/W3XP.
    • Fixed some typos and colors of text.
    • Added new option to hide displaying of Server Types in chat (BNCS, BNLS, etc…).
    • Cleaned up BNCS code.
    • Restructured BNLS code.
    • Temporarily added BNLS (0x0A) to confirm BNCS (S 0x54) proof. Removed. BNLSWarden doesn’t support?
    • Added BNLS (0x11) verification of server IP and signature from BNCS (S 0x50) – only WAR3/W3XP

More History



Download it now!Latest Version – 2.1.09 (08.24.12)

Required Files:

  • Visual Basic 6 Runtimes
  • Visual 7 Runtimes (plugins)
  • msinet.ocs (weblist)

Download | More Info

Make sure to install the required files first before attempting to run FyreChat.

  • Extract all files downloaded zip to a folder.
  • Execute the FyreChat.exe application.
  • Open the Configuration and fill in your information.
  • Select your product you wish to log on with and it’s CDKey
  • Click connect

More Help | Troubleshooting


FyreChat supports the use of BCP plugins developed by Skywing.  The following is a list of recommended plugins.

  • Aliases.bcp By Yoni
    • Allows you to create your own aliases for commands, or create chat-shortcut commands.
  • AlwaysOnTop.bcp By Spht
    • This plugins creates a “Window” menu from which you can toggle the bot being displayed on top of other windows at all times, even when it loses focus.
  • Trivia.zip By Spht
    • Loads trivia questions and keeps track of user scores. /trivia on|off|auto.
  • WinampControl.bcp By UserLoser
    • Allows you to control Winamp through the bot. Commands: /play, /stop, /pause, /next, /back, /sop, /eop, /volup, /voldown, /rewind, /forward, /closewinamp, /songinfo, /sendsonginfo.

More Plugins

Run your own server! (These include hashes)


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