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Missing icons.bni
FyreChat uses icons.bni to display the product icon of users in channels.
You can download it here and put it in the same folder as FyreChat.exe.

Stuck “Sending challenge…”
If a packet is not received to handle the client sending 0x50, then Battle.net could have temporarily IP Banned you. Try again later.

Internal Debugging
FyreChat v2.1 and higher offers internal debugging. There’s a normal debug output in the Configuration which turns on packet IDs for all outputed chat along, shows unhandled packets, and other useful information.
There is also a even more in depth debug mode which can be activated in the registry. Navigate to “HKLM/Software/OpenFyre/FyreChat/(path of application)/Config” and add Advanced Debug Mode DWORD and set to 1 to enabled. This will show nearly every packet sent and received and attempt to debug the data.

Just deleting the registry config will occassionally fix the problem.
Click on Start, then run, and type “regedit”
Click HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, then SOFTWARE, then OpenFyre or FSI, then FyreChat
Now delete the key that matches the location of your FyreChat.exe
You’re done! Now configure your bot again.

Cannot find registry key
Windows 7 64-bit places FyreChat registry keys in it’s virtualstore:

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