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To manually load a plugin, type /loadplugin path/pluginname.bcp (Example: /loadplugin plugins/disabled/oper.dll)
Or move the plugin into the plugins folder for auto-loading.

In order to use plugins you will need Visual C++ 7 Runtimes (included in Required Files).

The following plugins have been tested with FyreChat v2.1.0 and higher

% – These plugins load correctly, but do not work.
# – These plugins load correctly, but cause issues.

  • Aliases.bcp By Yoni
    • Allows you to create your own aliases for commands, or create chat-shortcut commands.
  • AlwaysOnTop.bcp By Spht
    • This plugins creates a “Window” menu from which you can toggle the bot being displayed on top of other windows at all times, even when it loses focus.
  • AutoRejoin.bcp By Spht
    • This plugin forces the bot to attempt to return to the channel it got kicked from.
  • ChatEncode.bcp By Spht
    • Adds the /hex/encrypt, and /reverse commands so you can encode your messages in hex, DarkMinion’s “encryption,” or “Coolio reverse,” readable by bots which support these forms of chatting.
  • % ChatFilters.bcp By Userloser
    • Creates a “Plugin” menu from which you can manage user and message filters.
  • ChatFocus.bcp By Spht
    • Adds the /chatfocus command to open a conversation window with a Battle.net user. All chat from that person will be forwarded to this window, and when you send a message from the window it will prepend their name. Multiple conversation windows can be open at once. Useful if you host a tech support channel, or tend to talk to a lot of people at once.
  • ClanManager.bcp By Spht
    • Creates a “Plugin” menu from which you can add and remove clan members.
    • Note: Warcraft III Only
  • ClanMOTD.bcp By Spht
    • Allows you to view your clan’s message of the day using the command /motd and set the message of the day using the command /setmotd.
    • Note: WarCraft III Only
  • # DisableAwayIdle.bcp By Spht
    • Disables the away idle.
    • # Reason: FyreChat handles internal /away, this plugin conflicts
  • DMBotOp.bcp [ ReadMe ] By Spht
    • Adds most of the functionality of DMBotOp 1.1 to SphtBotv3. Thanks to DarkMinion for the source code to DMBotOp 1.1. I did very little modifying of DarkMinion’s code, and close to zero testing, so there may be bugs.
    • Note: Do not use in conjuction with Oper.
  • EmailManager.bcp By Spht
    • Creates a “Plugin” menu from which you can change the e-mail address which your account is registered to or request a new password for your account.
  • FavoriteChannels.bcp By UserLoser
    • Creates a “Plugin” menu from which you can add, remove, join channels on your favorite channels list.
  • % FilterOfflineFriends.bcp By Yoni
    • Allows you to toggle display of offline friends with the command /fof and display of non-mututal friends with the command /fmf.
    • % Reason: When using /f l, offline friends don’t show regardless of /fof on or off
  • FriendsManager.bcp By Spht
    • Creates a “Plugin” menu from which you can add and remove friends.
  • ImmediateSay.bcp By Spht
    • A say command which bypasses flood protection (/say)
  • KillExtraWork.bcp By Spht
    • Ignores ExtraWork messages when connecting to Battle.net (0x4A, 0x4C)
  • KillFriends.bcp By Spht
    • Ignores the binary friends update messages so bot won’t display “Unrecognized packet” when updating your friend list on Warcraft III or when friends log on/off. (Hides packets 0x65-0x69)
  • KillRealmMOTD.bcp
    • Ignores message(s) from realm with logging in with a character.
  • NetworkAnalyzer.bcp
    • Creates a “Plugin” menu (that doesn’t work) from which you can view number of bytes received from Battle.net. Use /networkstats to view information.
  • oper.dll [ Documentation ] By Spht
    • Adds bot capabilities to the Chat Client.
    • Note: Do not use in conjunction with DMBotOp.
  • SetFont.bcp By Spht
    • This plugins creates a “Window” menu from which you can toggle the chat output window’s font settings.
  • StarcraftGameList.bcp By Skywing
    • Offers commands for listing different types of Starcraft games. Commands: /listany, /listmelee, /listffa, /listladder, /listums, /listtvb.
  • Trivia.zip By Spht
    • Loads trivia questions and keeps track of user scores. /trivia on|off|auto.
  • % UiNotify.bcp
    • Creates a “Plugin” menu from which you can manage UI alerts for talk/emote phrases.
  • WinampControl.bcp By UserLoser
    • Allows you to control Winamp through the bot. Commands: /play, /stop, /pause, /next, /back, /sop, /eop, /volup, /voldown, /rewind, /forward, /closewinamp, /songinfo, /sendsonginfo.


Write your own:

  • BCPSDK.zip
    • Includes EmptyPlugin, PluginMenu, BCP Header, TelnetServer API, and BinaryChatCoreLite

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