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Last Updated: 08.24.2012

*Required Files
Included Files:

Needed Files:

*Steps of Installing

  • Extract all files from FyreChat.zip into a folder
  • Execute the FyreChat.exe application.
  • Open the Configuration and fill in your information.
  • Select your product you wish to log on with and it’s CDKey
  • Browse through the other options and change if wished.
  • Click connect or press F1.

*Idle Options

  • %ver – Version Info
  • %uptime – Computer Uptime
  • %botuptime – Application Uptime
  • %connected – Connection Uptime
  • %idle – Idle Uptime
  • %self – Your Username
  • %chan – Current Channel

*Console-Side Commands

Usage: /command

Joins Void and Returns

reply ‘text’
Sends text to last user who whispered you

Disconnects all open connections

Initiates connection procedures

Displays idle, connect, app, & computer uptime

Sends bot uptime to channel

Sends computer uptime to channel

Sends connected uptime to channel

Displays system info from server

profile ‘user’
Retrieves the profile of user

version, about
Displays bot version information

Retrieves news from FyreChat website.

setusername ‘user’
Sets the username in configuration

setpassword ‘password’
Sets the password in configuration

setserver ‘server’
Sets the battle.net server in configuration

Displays available products to set to

setproduct ‘product’
Sets the product in configuration (Example: /setproduct STAR)

sethome ‘channel’
Sets the channel in configuration

Sets the Realm character name in configuration

Connects to Realm

Gets ping of self

getlag ‘user’
Gets ping of user

Clears all buffers (chat and whisper windows and send textbox

Clears chat screen

Queue size

Clears the queue of messages

*Plugin Commands

loadplugin ‘plugin’
Loads the plugin. Note: You need to type the path from the FyreChat.exe
ex: “/loadplugin plugins\aliases.bcp”
Note: Plugins in plugins folder are automatically loaded

unloadplugin ‘plugin’
Unloads a loaded plugin.

List the the plugins that have been loaded.

*Experimental Commands

downloadfile ‘filename’
Downloads filename (example: icons.bni, bnserver.ini)

Gets and displays news from battle.net 0x46

Displays available realms to connect to

Displays available Diablo 2 games to join

realmjoingame ‘gamename’
Attempts to join the Diablo 2 game

changepassword ‘newpassword’
Changes your password to the newly typed password (currently only works with WAR3/W3XP)

*Thanks (Archival):

Zonker – Helps with all the bugs
Raihan – Old web logging system and programming help
UserLoser – Helped with hashing and more
Fallen – My right hand man: programming and beta help
Exorcizt – Extensive beta testing during FyReBoT development
Damian – First beta tester
Thaw – Bug reports
Levaris – Early FyReBoT beta testing
Cryptic – Old FyReBoT graphic designer and beta testing
Deep – FyReBoT beta testing
idiot – FyReBoT bugs and ideas
Murder – FyreChat beta and ideas
Goffy59 – FyreChat beta testing
Marshall – FyreChat beta testing
Feanor – Moral Support
Venox – PHP Script for Web Logger

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