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FyReBoT was a project started in January of 2003. The program is a basically chat program for the Blizzard gaming server known as battle.net. It is written in Visual Basic and it started by using Skywing and Yoni’s Battle Net Logon Server (BNLS). I spent hours and hours working on this program, making it to how I would want a program to be.
When I reached build 35, I implemented a logging system, so I could see how many users were actually using my program. To my surprise I was getting over one hundred unique logins per day. I started to work harder on the program adding commands and database features for a more channel operator approach. After I released the next few versions, I lost interest and over time lost users. The program used internal product version bytes, so if a product was updated the program could not use it.
After a few months, I decided to get back into the bot and spent a lot of my summer time of 2004 programming. Towards mid-July, I had removed most of the commands and database features I had made for the build 55 release (which users never saw) and the program was becoming more focused on chatting. Also, since another program was named similar (FiReBoT), I decided to rename it to help end confusion. So, FyreChat was born.


  • 2.0.55 (08.01.04)
  • 2.0.43 (07.28.04)
  • 1.0.85 (12.03.03) [updated: 07.18.04]
  • 1.0.76 (11.05.03)
  • 1.0.75 (10.31.03)
  • 1.0.65 (07.10.03)
  • 1.0.60 (05.14.03)
  • 1.0.50 (04.20.03)
  • 1.0.35 (04.03.03)
  • 1.0.20 (03.17.03) [updated: 07.18.04]
  • 1.0.00 (03.01.03)

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